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Commercial Property Garden Care

Blooming gardens are beautiful, but they do require lots of hard work and care to stay looking their best. From choosing the best plants for your gardens to deadheading and watering, there is no shortage of things to do. In our busy lives, it is very easy for our gardens to grow beyond our ability to control them. While gardening is an enjoyable task, you should be able to focus on other things when you need to.

If your commercial property or strata complex needs some garden care, or even if your own garden has become too much to handle, we are here to help you manage and maintain it. Rather than attempting to stay on top of the regular garden maintenance, let us do the work for you. Our gardeners can eliminate the stress associated with your garden’s upkeep and allow you to enjoy the colourful blooms of the season.

Our Commercial Property Garden Care Services include:

Soil / Bark Mulch Installation

Bark mulch installation is one of the best ways to instantly improve the look of your garden by enhancing the beauty, colour, and texture of you landscaping beds. One of the most important attributes of bark mulch is the long-lasting affect it has on the health and protection of the soil, plants, and flowers it shields. Spread over the surface of the soil, it prevents it from baking and drying out by altering the temperature and serving as an insulator. In hot weather, it is effective in keeping the surface roots of plants cooler. Additionally, it reduces soil compaction by acting as a buffer layer from heavy rains, equipment, and people.

The traditional method of spreading mulch with a wheelbarrow, shovel, and pitch fork can be very messy and time consuming. We will install your bark mulch quickly, without stress or a mess.

Other Garden Care Services

  • Cultivating and turning beds
  • Plantings, annuals, and perennials
  • Deadheading
  • Burlapping/netting
  • Urns and planters

If you’re interested in our garden care services for your strata or commercial property, then contact the professionals from Land Escape Maintenance to discuss your gardening needs and get started today! 

If you’re interested in establishing a commercial property garden care program, please contact the professionals from Land Escape Maintenance today!