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Commercial Property Garden Maintenance

Keeping the landscape of your commercial property, complex or strata building looking healthy, pruned, and weed-free can be a tough task. Do you need help with the cleanup and maintenance of the landscape? Transform your outdoor spaces into relaxing oases through beautiful landscaping and exceptional garden design. Work with our team to turn your vision into reality.

Land Escape Maintenance offers a variety of commercial property garden maintenance services that we can provide as often as required. We work with you to perform strata garden maintenance at a schedule that works best for your property.

Our Commercial Property Garden Maintenance Services include:


A weed is any wild plant that is growing where it’s not supposed to. Even plants you find desirable can become weeds if they overgrow their boundaries. When weeding, we will remove the weed from the root to seed head to ensure the seeds don’t fall onto your grass and the root system doesn’t regrow.

Soil Cultivation

Season changes can take a toll on your soil – essentially turning it into a crust. Soil cultivation is the breaking up and loosening of the crusty soil to allow for the penetration and retention of air, water, and nutrients deep into the soil where the plant’s roots can gain access to them. Soil cultivation also makes it easier for newly germinated seeds to sprout as the surface is more penetrable.

Garden Bed Design

Garden beds should always be considered highly personal works of art. When it comes to garden beds, there are two basic types: island beds and borders. An island bed is not anchored by a backdrop and can be viewed from all sides. They often have a center anchor, like a tree, shrub, or stationary object. The shape of the island bed tends to be more round, square or amorphous. A border is anchored by a backdrop that will help define the size of the bed. The backdrop can be a house, building, fence, or anything that provides a solid background. Borders can only be viewed from one side. We can help with the installation of annuals, plants, and more in your garden beds.

If you’re interested in our commercial property garden maintenance program, please contact the professionals from Land Escape Maintenance to get started today!