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Commercial Property Tree, Shrub & Ground Cover Care

Trees, shrubs, and ground cover can add exquisite beauty and privacy to a commercial property or housing complex. However, without proper care, they can decline in health and become unsightly. The question then becomes, do you trim or replace the plants? We can review the current state of your plants and provide recommendations. 

Our Commercial Property Tree, Shrub & Ground Cover Care include:

Installation / Replacement

Before you start digging holes in the lawn and dragging trees around, talk to the landscaping experts from Land Escape Maintenance. We have years of experience installing trees and shrubs, and the right tools and equipment to safely move plants around your property, no matter the size. Trees and shrubs are a big investment, so trust yours to the experts.

Do you have some overgrown shrubbery on your property that is blocking windows and riddled with dead areas? Let our team help you with the replacement of this plant.

Removal / Disposal

If your trees and shrubs are dead or diseased, removing the dead portion is necessary to stop the spread of disease. We take care of all the labour involved with the removal and disposal of your trees and shrubs. Best of all, landscaping and yard debris can be recycled easily and turned into mulch.

Stump Grinding

Once a live tree is cut down, the roots stop growing. The base of the tree – the stump, no longer serves a purpose and ends up being a hazard. Tree stumps breed ants, termites, and other pesky bugs and rodents. Whether you are looking to remove a hazard from your property, smooth out an area you wish to renovate or get rid of an eyesore, we can help! Stump grinding is the quickest and most efficient way to remove a stump. Our skilled operators move the cutter head over the stump, grinding it away a little at a time until it is completely gone.

If you’re interested in our commercial tree, shrub, and ground cover care, please contact the professionals from Land Escape Maintenance today!